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Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchen set up

We can provide a kitchen for any outdoor event without a kitchen. Services  included loading and unloading equipment twice and cleaning of equipment. Show up day before or morning of event and setting up outdoor kitchen. Running water hoses from on site location and also securing power from location or running off of generators. Covers fuel source for extra equipment, and extra vehicle to bring equipment to location, as well as extra staff to provide everything for a kitchen needed that would have been provided if there were a kitchen on site.                                                    This service is only available for a fifty mile radius from  Auburn,MI                           $ 500.00  


Left- overs

We will package your left overs for  you and with disposable containers so at the end of the night all you have to do is grab what you are taking and go

Left overs for a party of up to (100 people is $ 25.00) (200 people is $ 50.00 ) (300 people is $75.00)

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