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Food truck service info

Bad wolf bbq will bring the truck to you
If you are having a graduation party or any event that a truck would be good for we can customize menu for party needs. WE are capable of serving 60 to 75 people an hour through the truck. So if you have a event where not everyone is going to be eating at the same time this will fit your needs.
A $ 1500.00 guaranteed minimum is required for onsite food truck services. includes 2 hours of service time $ 100.00 a hour after that 
menu will have to be tailored to your event.  
Power and water is not necessary, only a level flat hard surface is required for truck, with no tree branches in the way also.( Truck height is 12 ft )
Truck is 26 ft long and will require about a 50 ft space to be able to park and access to back of truck and support vehicle if necessary.
If you have any further questions about truck service send us a message or call us at 989-415-3030

food truck service info: About Us
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